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  1. Hey, I have a dewatering project next to an area of saline groundwater. The dewatering wells would probably pump saline water, with increase values along time. I would like to model the salinity process on the dewatering site, while estimating the chloride concentration at each pumping well (about 10 well along the site borders) Is there an option to have concentration vs. time at each pumping well? Thanks, Yoni
  2. Hi, i have a point source with tracer mass loading of 0.17 kg/day. mass input units can be kg, grams or milligrams, as in the GMS unit’s menu. if i use grams, the mass loading input should be 170 g/day, and respectively for mg. the problem is with the output concentration units. i can chose between g/lit, mg/lit, ppm or ppb. if i use concentration units of mg/lit, and change the mass units while updating the source value, i get different values for the solution. it seems that the model is ignoring the input units, and take into consideration only the mass value itself. for example - using 0.17 kg/day doesn't multiple with the correction factor for the output units, and i get very low concentration. i would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Yoni
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