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  1. Dear Chris, @Chris Smemoe in wms , I created new coverage type rain gauge and inputted depth values in mm for 12 rain gauge stations of one watershed : I wanna create hydrograph using HEC-1 model to find the peak discharge value of the watershed based on these depths values of the stations for a return period of 2 years and 5 min duration . I simulated the model and got the hydrograph . but the problem is the hydrograph shows no discharge (flat curve ) as shown in the enclosed picture here why does that ? ?? please notice the precipitation depths in the first picture.( the curve number of the watershed is 90, and the initial abstraction (Ia) according to CN is 5.66 mm, I can find answer with you ? thanks in advance!
  2. among the hydrological models which model is better when studying an intermediate watershed?
  3. Thanks Chris!
  4. Hello guys, I am still a junior in wms and need a help? how can I know which hydrologic model is better to create hydrograph for a watershed ??? and I have some gauge stations and still not quite sure how to add their depth values to wms interface?
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