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  1. Thanks @heimo! So the information regarding E6T elements on the SMS wiki is indeed incorrect (refer to my first entry in this thread). Hopefully this will be updated. Thanks again!
  2. Anyone? Please let me know if I can clarify the question or provide any additional information.
  3. As the title states, I am looking for a working example of a 2dm mesh file with E6T elements (six node quadratic triangles). The information on the SMS wiki is incomplete and contradictory - see highlighted image below. Source - xmswiki.com/wiki/SMS:2D_Mesh_Files_*.2dm The "Format" and "Sample" items The most complete information that I've found through Google searches is from a Department of Defense document from 1999 - see highlighted image below. Source - gmsdocs.aquaveo.com.s3.amazonaws.com/fform30.pdf Following this example, I created the attached file "test_2dm_e6t_single_element.2dm" in an attempt to create a single E6T element like the one shown in the image above. The file is read and the nodes are recognized, but not the element is not read resulting in an error. Any help would be greatly appreciated! test_2dm_e6t_single_element.2dm
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