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  1. Hi folks, I have model developed in USG with the stream package setup (not the river or stream routing packages). I am having problems with the steady state model runs not presenting the simulated stream flow results back to the arcs in the coverage file. Setup, In layer one we have various streams arcs built into the model from the conceptual model methods as per usual. We have several known observation flow gaging station results whose data I have input as arcs and arc groups in the conceptual coverage file. Observed flow checked and observed flow rate entered plus the observed flow interval. These were assigned into the model through, map to modflow, as per normal methods. I have gone in the Modflow-USG observation file and generated the flow observations in the Generate PEST observation data. No problems with well using this method. I can see the entered data in the "FlowObservation" and "FlowSample" dialogs. I run the model and we do not receive the results of the simulated flows back in the coverages file. the simulated flow is zero at my specified observation flow targets. This is looking at the conceptual coverage stream file attributes. I know this is wrong because I can go into the model output file and check the stream nodes adjacent to the observed flow targets and I have results. I would like to fix this problem or get some feed back from others, because I would like to try and run this in PEST to calibrate conductance and other parameters etc... But if the simulated results are not reading I don't believe this will work in PEST. With in regular modflow tutorials I have no problem setting this up and getting simulated results back in the conceptual coverage stream file. Cheers,
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