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  1. Hi, I have some problems with building up my model in wms, maybe someone could help me with the following issues: - when I compute TOPAZ there are not all streams in my DEM so I want to add some manually with outlets or reservoirs. Is it possible to combine the calculated and the added streams? Is it possible to add outlets that are not in the flow accumulation cells? - than I have some lakes in my basin I want to add as reservoirs by turning the outlet into a reservoir or under Drainage-> Calculators | Detention Basin. What is the difference? And do I have to mark the surface area of the lakes aswell? - For precipitation I have an annual rain hydrograph, do I add this one under Define Precipitation in the Modeling Wizard as Gage? What does exactly mean Gage weights? Can I also add it as Basin average or is this only for 24 hours rain? Thanks a lot in advance. Miriam
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