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  1. It looks like I forgot to click on the 1D-Hyd Centerline after extracting the cross sections and remained on the 1-D Hyd Cross Section for the active coverage. If I do the tutorial again and correct that mistake it exports the cross sections to the HEC-RAS data file.
  2. I am working with the Hec-RAS analysis tutorial. Cross sections are in the WMS file, but when I do the HEC-RAS export GIS File, it does not appear to export the cross sections, because when the HEC-RAS editor comes up, there are no cross-sections. What am I doing wrong? Is it a setting?
  3. I think the problem is in the display settings, but not sure. Maybe something to do with the grid settings..
  4. in the DEM Delineation tutorial, my project screen goes black after I give it instruction to download data from web. I can use the zoom in option to zoom in and the image shows behind the black box in the screen. What can I do to get rid of the black screen.? It does download the image, but I can not see it all.
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