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  1. Thanks, this solved my problem. Even though my result is slightly different from my similar model solved with modflow-nwt my model now converges with the dry cells. Thanks.
  2. Hi, thank you for your thoughts on this. It might be the problem. It is still my belief that it is possible to have MODFLOW-USG manage dry cells. At least that is what i get from reading the documentation of the code, and som litterature. I will try working on with it.
  3. Hello community. I am currently trying to build a model in MODFLOW-USG similiar to a model in MODFLOW-NWT. My NWT model is fast and robust. I have tried to build a similar model of the same area in USG in different ways, ending with the same problem. The model will not converge if any cells is dry. I discovered this by adjusting the recharge parameter. My USG model converged when the recharge was extremely high and no cells were dry. I tried to "convert model to MODFLOW-USG simulation" in GMS to check if the model would converge when there was no difference in grid structure. I get the same result. I need to increase the recharge to have no dry cells and a model that does not crashes. Can anyone tell me if the SMS solver in MODFLOW-USG can be set up in the same way as the NWT solver to handle dry cells, and how? Martin
  4. Hi Alan. Im having this problem with a complex model build in Modflow-USG. Im trying to add a stream network in the SFR2 package, using the same tin to define ElEVUP and ELEVDN as i used to create the ugrid( topmost horizon) I cannot sem to find the option to extract the top grid elevation in USG. My geology is really complex and the surface layer varries from being layer 1 to 10 in the model area. Is there any way to fix this? Martin
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