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  1. Hello I have a problem when i run Simulation and it stops in middle of running FAILURE TO MEET SOLVER CONVERGENCE CRITERIA BUDGET PERCENT DISCREPANCY IS -141.2903 STOPPING SIMULATION can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks
  2. Hello Everyone I have a issue with defining inflow rate to related cells. I have the total volume of inflow for each month (i want make a time series general head), but i dont know how i should define the head of the 2 points of inflow line & amount of conductivity correctly. (for example the volume of inflow is 110 MCM & the length of inflow line is 97 KM and Average elevation of area is 1900 m) If anyone can help me it would be great.
  3. I know this is an old topic I have same issue when i try to import recharge data from my conceptual model to MODFLOW. Im using GMS 10.3.2 currently & Model Has 64 Stress Periods and has more than 6000 cells...is there anyway that i can fix this issue or i should upgrade the software? (I also tried it with 10.4.5 but whenever i give a series to a cell after closing it and reopening there is no data in transient series)
  4. Hello I have a problem with understanding the exact working system of number of time steps & multiplier when you want set a setting. for example whats different of the time you have 3 time steps and 4 multiplier instead of 1 time step and 1 multiplier?
  5. i couldnt find the version 6.5 on downloading older versions in site...do you have any tips how can i find a gms 6.5 setup to convert my files? (its not available in here: https://www.aquaveo.com/downloads-gms)
  6. Hello I have a project file which is related to 10 years ago and it was made with gms 3.5 (modflow 4.2) but when i try to open it it will fail to translate the modflow correctly So is there anyway that i can translate it correctly and run that model to check the results... Thanks for reading Regards
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