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  1. Hello and thanks in advance. The problem I have seems to be simple but not sure if actually possible. I am estimating the contribuiting areas to several outlets in an extended region, but canĀ“t get the specific area of each outlet as some outlets contribute to the others so I have now a Complex tree of basins that relate with the outlets in a complex manner. The Steps I have took are: -Import DEM -Run Topaz for delineating flows -Insert all the outlets that I need to know their specific basin contributing area (Around 300). -Delinate Basins Wizard. After this point I get the results and I can export GIS data of the basins calculated, but the relationship between outlets and areas is not clear. What I need is the lists of outlets with the full contributing area of each one, or at least the relationship matrix in which I can tell easily which basins contributes to which outlet. I Imagine there is a way of exporting this but can't find how to do it. I attach the .TRE file in which I can tell there is a way of knowing how each outlet node relates with each basin, but can't translate it into a simpler database matrix. Thanks again. Calculo Cuencas Zona Centro.tre
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