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  1. Hey Matt! Does your mesh have a boundary condition attached to it? If so, you can right-click on your simulation in the project explorer and choose "export ADCIRC" to create a fort.14 file, that you can then find in the simulation folder.
  2. Which version of WMS are you using, and when did you download it? I know there was a problem with the maps function for a while, but the build on the downloads page (dated May 3rd) seems to have fixed it for most people.
  3. Here's a wiki article that explains how PEST works in GMS, including tables for which input files are accepted and which output files can be generated: https://www.xmswiki.com/wiki/GMS:PEST You still edit your PEST options in the Parameter Estimation dialog window, but other than that it all runs pretty automatically.
  4. I know that, between 3.5 and the latest version, GMS started using h5 files for everything instead of the native MODFLOW text. According to this wiki page ( https://xmswiki.com/wiki/GMS:Version_History ) it looks like that switch was around version 6.5. Maybe if you have a copy of version 6.5 you can try opening the file in there and then saving it again? That's what I've done with very old word documents, at least.
  5. I've seen that be resolved before by using the "clean..." tool under the Feature Objects menu. Maybe you have some dangling arcs or other things that make it hard to read all the way through?
  6. No problem! I'm glad I could help.
  7. I did a little looking on the USGS website, and it looks like it MODPATH works with MODFLOW-NWT, but you need to set IPHDRY to a positive number in the UPW package. I got that info from here: https://water.usgs.gov/water-resources/software/MODPATH/UsingModpathWithModflow-NWT.txt
  8. If you just need a list of areas, one thing you can try is to choose File | Save As..., then under "Save as Type" choose "Attribute Files." That'll save a .txt file that has the area for all your basins. I hope that helps!
  9. The Online Guide to MODFLOW has a page about boundary conditions here. In short, there are three different boundary condition types, including a specified head boundary condition. You can look at the GMS Tutorials page for advice on how to set up your boundary conditions, especially in the tutorials labelled "MODFLOW - Conceptual Model Approach." I hope this helps!
  10. You may want to email this directly to technical support. They can be reached at support@aquaveo.com.
  11. If he goes into MODFLOW -> Global Options, he can find a checkbox labelled "Save native text copy." If he checks that and then runs MODFLOW again, he should get the native files in the MODFLOW_text folder associated with the project. Hope that helps!
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