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  1. Thank you Donald. I hope I will get something to understand and solve this problem soon. I am stuck with it for a couple of days.
  2. Hello All, I have built a mesh of river body with MIKE Zero, transferred it to SMS. Edited with SMS and saved the .2dm file. Then tried to run it with TUFlow. The following error is coming. I created a new coverage with materials and assigned material properties that is needed. Please help me with possible suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Donald, I have tried to delete this and its neighbouring elements. Then it shows the same error with another element not very near to it. Also I really don't understand what they mean by negative area. Thanks
  4. Hi Donald, Thank you for your reply. I am attaching the picture of the particular cell. (The red marked one) Thanks
  5. Hello All, I am trying to run a river model in TUFlow by building mesh with SMS. The following error comes when I try to run it. " Negative area calculated for cell 1824" . Please help me with your valuable suggestions. Thanks in advance
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