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  1. What are the WMS SWMM capabilities? I am using WMS 10.1.17. It appears basic functionality such as time series and rain gage selection and modification is absent. Is that the case? I have found a few forum posts regarding SWMM (a few, not many). One (below) states there is a SWMM tutorial in the WMS learning center. When I looked, I could not find it. Actually, I can find very little on the use of SWMM with WMS. It seems WMS support in the version I have available is pretty much pulling in data from SWMM input files (*.inp) and possibly exporting data to those files as well. Is there any SWMM engine support? I'm not sure if something is right in front of me that I am missing or maybe SWMM support has been largely dropped with SWMM 5.1 introduction. That would be very disappointing as I'd really like WMS as a SWMM GUI. Any and all information and assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!
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