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  1. Ah, that's it. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi! I am trying to create some Monitor Lines in my model, but I am unable to link them to any simulations. I created the Monitor Lines using the Arc Creation Tool and then assigned the Type as Model>SRH-2D>Boundary Conditions, and the Monitor Lines correctly appear. The problem is I am unable to link them to my simulations. When I right-click on the Monitor Line Coverage, there is no option to "Link to...." like other coverages. Additionally, SMS will not allow me to drag the Monitor Line coverage to the simulation (I get the red cross marks). I am using SMS 12.3.4. It is my understanding in SMS 13.0, the Monitor Lines were moved to to a different coverage type, but this shouldn't affect how they are used in the older model? Any ideas on this?
  3. AKRF_PH

    SRH 2D Error

    Hello, I am running unsteady SMS with SRH 2D and getting the following error message mid-model run: "Stopped in spline.f90 H" The SMS Wiki site states that this error can be solved as follows: The time series data should only have one data value per defined time. Go to the XY series editor where the time series data is defined and remove any and every duplicate time entry. I have checked my time series data, and I do not have any duplicated time entries. Could this error message be related to any other issues with the way the time series data was entered? Has anyone else experienced this error message? Note: This error message is occurring and the model is crashing during the rising limb of the inflow hydrograph. I am guessing this error has something to do with the rapid flow increase, but my time step is already 0.5 seconds and the model is taking a while to run. Besides further reducing the time step, are there are other solutions? Thank you!
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