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  1. Hi everyone, I used HEC-HMS to make an uncertainty analysis which generated a uniformly distributed sample of each parameter. And then with each sampled parameter the program ran a simulation and resulted an outflow record. I made 100 realizations and the program resulted a .dss file which contained each record of the outflow and the maximum, minimum and mean outflow. I can open the .dss file with Hec-dssvue and plot or tabulate the maximum, minimum and mean flow records, but i cant plot or tabulate each particular realization record. Every time i tried to edit each realization record HEC-dssvue will pop up a notice saying that there is no data in this record. So, does anyone know how can i get access to these data? Many thanks in advance. Sorry that the attached file is a little blurry.
  2. Hi Chris, thanks for your detailed answer, i was using dssvue to view the results generated from hec-hms after i did the uncertainty analysis process. So basically i made 100 times simulations for 3 parameters in 3 subbasins which means 9 parameters were used to do the uncertainty analysis. I opened the dss output file and tried to plot each realization, but i can only open the maximum, minimum and mean flow records in the dss file. Other records (a total 100 realizations) showed no data when i tried to plot or tabulate them. Do you think there's a way to get access to each of those realization record? Thank you so much if you could hlep. Joey
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