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  1. ModelMechanic, Since you've been getting it to work with tutorial files it sounds like there is most likely something you overlooked in your model setup causing this issue. it would be hard to know more without seeing your model. It is possible that the software is having trouble with your specific files. If you think it may be a bug, reach out to support@aquaveo.com. They may be able to take a look at your files and determine if its a user error of a software error. -Ben
  2. Shahidul, The only information I was able to find on this was from this page of the xms wiki. It says the x-origin is the X origin of the arc (used to modify the x-value used in plots). If you would like a more through explanation, Aquaveo Technical Support or Consulting may be able to help, depending on the nature of the question. -Ben
  3. Hello Shahidul, I was able to find some information for you on the SRH-2D Errors page from the XMS Wiki. If you need further help, the Aquaveo Technical Support Team (support@aquaveo.com) may be able to help you. -Ben
  4. Zbynek, I was able to open and view the files you linked in both the project explorer and the main window. I am running the latest build of GMS, 10.4.1. Let me know if re-installing GMS changes anything for you. You can have both versions 10.4 and 10.3 installed and running at the same time. The exception is that you cannot have, for example GMS 10.3.1 and 10.3.2 installed at the same time, it must be one or the other. Feel free to send any questions over to Aquaveo's Technical Support Team at support@aquaveo.com. -Ben
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