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  1. I am running a SRH-2D simulation and I get an error at the completion of the PreSRH-2D processing. When I exit the PreSRH-2D, an error code appears stating that the "5-Year_XMDF.h5" file is not found. Any ideas why I am getting this message? File output is supposed to be XMDF, however I noticed in the "5-Year.srhhydro" file that it says XMDFC for output format. This may be a clue. SRHHYDRO 30 Case "5-Year" Description "Proposed Condition, 5 - Year" RunType FLOW ModelTemp OFF UnsteadyOutput UNSTEADY SimTime 0 5 5 TurbulenceModel PARABOLIC ParabolicTurbulence 0.7 InitCondOption DRY Grid "5-Year.srhgeom" HydroMat "5-Year.srhmat" MonitorPtFile "5-Year.srhmpoint" OutputFormat XMDFC ENGLISH OutputOption 1 OutputInterval 0.16667
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