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  1. Hello, I am trying to add a specified flow boundary condition to my model to simulate additional recharge that enters from uphill (which is not covered in my modeled area). I have an estimated inflow value of 468,307 m^3/d, which I want to apply to an arc boundary condition. The arc length is 24,880 m, which intersects a total of 819 cells over 21 layers. If I want the inflow to enter through the entire side of my model (through all 819 cells), what flow rate value would I need to enter for my specified flow arc? Do I need to divide my estimated inflow value by the length of the arc? Thank you, Brytne
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    Flow Budget

    Hello all, I am working with a MODFLOW model that focuses around a coastal aquifer system. My model extends past the coastline into the ocean to simulate submarine groundwater discharge and coastal springs. I am trying to analyze the amount of water flowing out of the aquifer along the coastline, but my values are inconsistent. I set the subaerial aquifer as one zone and the ocean floor as another zone. Then I went into the Flow Budget to see the flow from Zone 1 to 2. However, when I select the arc of the coastline, the "COMPUTED FLOW" value at the bottom strip displays a completely different value. Is there a reason why the values are so different? Do they represent different flows? Thank you, Brytne
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