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  1. I found out that Aquaveo is having trouble with wall boundaries, but they will not give me the fix because I am using the community version. Kind of lame, but I guess I'll make my own workaround.
  2. I had not seen that you can't use it internally. It seems odd because SMS says that wall boundaries can be used for islands and banks. See 8:03 in this youtube video:
  3. Hi all I am trying to use a wall for an internal boundary condition for an island to stop water from overtopping it. I keep getting errors that say can't have overlapping nodestrings, but none are overlapping. I am also getting srh errors (#51) about mesh connectivity. I have tried to renumber the mesh but that has not worked. Any ideas on what is going on? Thanks in advance:)
  4. It worked! I misunderstood you at first, but I reduced the number of vertices where I could to simplify the material polygons. Thank you!
  5. I found in the Srh2D manual that positive values leave the mesh and negative values enter the mesh.
  6. Hello I had a general question on using internal sinks. If you want it to function as a sink do you enter the flow value as negative? The wiki page suggests that all values must be real positive integers, yet that would not allow a sink to also be a source, as the wiki suggests. I am trying to model a diversion that takes a certain amount of flow from the main river. Thanks to all!
  7. Thank you for your message. I did not have any extra vertices along any of the boundary condition arcs. Any other ideas?
  8. Hello fellow water modelers Today SMS and SRH2D have given a new error to work through. It says "wrong number of entries N_values" (see below). I checked the materials coverage and rebuilt/renumbered the polygons. I also double checked the boundary arcs and I am not seeing what is going on. Any help would be appreciated:)
  9. This worked good, or at least the model actually started running. Thank you!
  10. Hi Cody, Thanks so much for your reply. I am using 12.2.12. I am pasting the .srhhydro file below: Any help would be amazing because this has been driving me bonkers! SRHHYDRO 30 Case "lower3712cfs" Description "lower3712cfs" RunType FLOW ModelTemp OFF UnsteadyOutput UNSTEADY SimTime 0 1 2 TurbulenceModel PARABOLIC ParabolicTurbulence 0.7 InitCondOption DRY Grid "1mhybrid.srhgeom" HydroMat "1mhybrid.srhmat" MonitorPtFile "1mhybrid.srhmpoint" OutputFormat XMDF ENGLISH OutputOption 1 OutputInterval 1 ManningsN 0 0.02 ManningsN 1 0.07 M
  11. Hi all I am getting what I think is an error for a flow link in SMS/SRH2D: ==> NUMBER-OF-INTERNAL-FLOW-LINKS Enter: N_LINKS N_LINKS = total number of pairs of Internal LINKs specified in BC-TYPE *************************************************************************** * Internal LINKs have been specified using LINK Type with Nodestrings * * Number of LINK Pairs = 1 * Each link is defined by a pair of nodestringsv * *************************************************************************** ==>
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