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  1. I'm stuck on my model. I've not too familiar with SMPDBK's analysis methods to understand how this is happening but it is. The two cross sections model output gives reasonably accurate information as would be expected from a dam break (minus the area directly below the reservoir itself) but when I add ten more cross sections I would expect a more well defined channel in the results. (Images attached below) To me, it doesn't look like WMS is interpolating between the cross sections quite right, and instead of a flood wave, I seem to have a pool of water with gaps in between the cross sections. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this? Would it be worth going back and rebuilding the model from scratch? Aquaveo Printout12.pdf Aquaveo Printout2.pdf
  2. Thank you for the prompt response. Removing those lines did indeed clear up the immediate issue but adding additional sections muddled the results significantly. It now looks like a series of small detached pools through my channel instead of a flood wave. Not sure the cause but I'll continue refinement of the model on my end. Thanks again for the help.
  3. Hello, I come across an error while trying to read the SMPDBK simulation into WMS (v.10.0). I've run SMPDBK through dosbox to the point of completion (prompt "Stop - Program terminated.") and the output file says that it completed the analysis. However, when I attempt to read the solution the following message prompt pops up "No file cross sections exist. The output file cannot be read." I have all of the xsection and input/output files in the same directory so I'm not entirely sure why I am getting this error? Any suggestions? I've attached the output file if needed. SMPDBK.OUT
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