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  1. Hi all I constructed my model using HUF flow package and i started calibrating the model. I need to change locally the hydraulic conductivity at some regions for calibration process, can this be done?? Another th ing that i wounder why when i select any cell in the grid , i find that its material assigned as limestone in the whole model (the figures are attached)
  2. thank you very much for your reply when i made my grid cell larger the solid was created with no error
  3. hello everybody i have a problem with my model and i hope you could help i have complex stratigraphy. so first i used Modflow-USG , you can see the figure of my U-grid in the attached figure, I tried to add a recharge at the top cell but i couldnot >>I searched and the solution was adding a new upper inactive layer, but i could not add it , i hope you help me do this and tell me the steps >> i also tried modflow 2000 but in the step of solid-..> modflow it gave me an error similar to that i cannot find a solution please help
  4. when i added the new layer it was added below my original one how can i add the new layer above please thank you in advance
  5. hello everyone i am trying to estimate the parameters using PEST this window appear when i pressed run modflow and didnot run and i can not detect the problem
  6. thank you very much can you tell me the name of tutorials for a similar case ?
  7. hello everyone my model is a one-layer model can i add a second layer above but with different extent ??
  8. if you mean zoning of hydraulic conductivity i tried to make these polygons on GIS using theissen polygons and exported a projected map then digitized over it in the gms it was just a trial , i hope it helps
  9. hello every body i want to know why at the specified flux boundary the calculated head is equal zero
  10. hello in my model i had 3 types of boundary conditions one of them is specified flux i used the modflow-2000 >>package LPF i drew the arcs then chose the type of arc to be specified flow and entered a value the i built the 3D grid and ran the model it gave error >> i tried for smaller model and it didn't converge (attached photo) so i want to know if there a certain package or certain way to add specified flow BC ( the outer boundaries) and how the program would interpolate heads with flow ??? will the GMS convert this flux to head and interpolate them plzzzz help i searched alot and i want to know the problem urgently thank you in advance
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