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  1. Is it alright for an outlet BC to simply be a Monitor Line?
  2. It's running now. Now for all the tweaking.
  3. The original two hour run (sans-culvert) was a success, so I still have it sitting in the mesh that was used for that run. I generated another mesh to be used with my culvert run, more quadrilateral components where it seemed necessary, and have been running into problems getting that run to complete. I guess I thought the timestep window would update to reflect the solution files that were turned on....? Maybe I still have the old solution files turned on though - I am in the middle of a run right now that actually seems like it will complete!!!! SO, I am gonna have to wait to answer your point more clearly.
  4. Is it just me, or does the timestep window that allows you to scroll through model output not update to show the most recent (and possibly shorter) run results if that runs fails? I am currently attempting to run something for 30 minutes, and tinesteps up to 2 hours are visible, which were first generated by a successful run that ran for 2 hours. Thanks, Tom
  5. Calberts, do you work for the company? I also have a request in with them to check this out, and was wondering if I am double dipping.
  6. It comes down to failing at the first timestep to produce flow on the other side of the culvert, with the flow elevation (TW elevation) being higher on that first wet cell than what is allowed in the 'Reverse HY8 Tables'? Edit: Calberts, just saw your post. Will try that.
  7. Map Coverage (Inlet, Outlet, Culvert BCs) and Mesh are both in the same projection, as is the display projection - as far as I can tell. I just re-projected all to the one same projection as well, just to be sure.
  8. That is entirely possible and something I will check out right now.
  9. What does that look like? Little pink squares? I am not sure what I am seeing....
  10. Train30, TS is currently set to 0.1 seconds for 30 minutes. I am trying different outlet BCs to try and avoid this error but nothing works so far.
  11. That did make it run, right up until this error: Tackling this error now......
  12. OMG!!!! Wow, wish I knew about that sooner.
  13. Until the ability to undo simple changes to different layers (I have accidentally moved so many scatter points...), I would like to suggest that a 'lock' option be added. This would allow for a user to lock an layer from any of the editing tools (but not highlighting aspects), thus ensuring that all the duplicates we create as backups to take the place of a true undo aren't also accidentally edited when the wrong layer might be active and/or we are moving too fast. Thanks, Tom
  14. Here's the cell causing the error: Here's the culvert information: The BC arc's are just off of the steep rise in the mesh due to road fill - screen shot of inlet: And, as far as I can tell, every cell the inlet is over has a z value of less than 330.5, which is what the inlet invert is set to.
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