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  1. Hello, I am using a model which was previously built using the conceptual model approach. However I reused the active/inactive cells conditions in another grid model. The Grid model is not projected. Is there a way I can reproject my Grid model according to the projection of the first model? Thanks
  2. After doing some reading I realized that these observations are a result to the the MODFLOW-NWT version which indeed calculates the head for dry cells but readjusts the conductance so that no flow occurs between dry and wet cells. In addition, the storage formulation was modified for unconfined conditions such that there are no changes in storage for head changes that occur beneath the cell bottom.
  3. Hello, I am running a transient model for riverbed aquifer using a one layer model with varying bottom elevation. Some of the cells are tagged dry but still the head is computed and shown for these cells. IS there a way how I can make the head not to be computed for the drycells? This is not a problem for heads but vor flow budget, heads below the drycells accounts for the variation of the storage and perturbates the real budget. Thanks
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