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  1. Hi Chris: Many thanks for the reply! Your answer is really help for me! I found another problem. I used Arcgis to generate DEM (( ASCII grid) ) for building bathymetry for W2 (right-click on the Terrain Data folder and select Open Digital Elevation file to read the grid as a DEM). I think the Projection should be "Gauss Krueger (3 degree zones) at zone 4(10.5E -13.5E)" just like shown below. However, when I clik OK. The results show that the elevation is always higher than 1000m. Actually the elevation is from 337-423m. So I just wonder what's the reason for it. For checking, the .asc file is also attached. Many thanks and look forward for the reply! Chenxi rapp.asc
  2. Dear All: I have a problem related to use WMS for building the bathymetry of Ce-Qual-W2. I closely followed the tutoiral :http://wmstutorials-10.0.aquaveo.com/35%20WaterQualityModeling-CEQUALW2.pdf. The problem is : 1. For 6.2 Create Branches, I want to only build one branch for my research area. After I created branch coverage, should I also right-click on the “Branch” coverage and select Build Polygon? When I do like this, the wms was crashed (I tested several times). 2. If I didn't build the polygon for my branch, I can continue to build the segment. However, when I finished building the segment and want to do the 8.2 "Branch Identification", the computer crashed again when I select CE-QUAL-W2 | Map Segments ↔ Branches. Could anyone help me find a reason for these two crashes? What I do is closely followed the steps in the tutorial. The bathymetry and the segments are attached below. Note, I deselect the Triangles in the display option. Many thanks and look forward for the reply! Best Cheers Chenxi
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