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  1. I need re-calibrate Transient Regional Flow Model (GMS 10.3,MODFLOW-2000) : calibration period – 33 years; 4 layers, total number of cells – 256,880 (111,530 active cells); 2,933 observation wells (most of them have partial record of heads). The forward transient run for 33 year was successfully done. According Project TOR I should use PEST for the model re-calibration. I defined 595 Pilot points and ran MODFLOW. Nothing is going on in the window, just the timer is working and it is signed that "Running MF2PEST - read m2p file and MODFLOW inputs and prepares PEST pst file". After waiting for 9 hours (without changes in the window) I aborted the run. During these hours the CPU worked, but in the MODFLOW folder I did not find any pst file. Any suggestions, please! Has anyone encountered this problem? Thanks!
  2. Hello everybody, I run Transient MODFLOW 2005 for regional model. I made successful runs without observation data and since I convert the transient observation head to MODFLOW the MODFLOW terminated with error. In the text MODFLOW OUT file I found: "An observation cannot be placed at the very beginning of the simulation if the first period is transient." Has anyone encountered this problem? Could you please help me. Thanks!
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