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  1. Thanks. I also thought so. The value for eddy viscosity, automatically given is 0.7. But, it can be changed up to 1. Can I use initial condition as calibrating parameter?
  2. I am using 13.0.14. This is the latest until now. I am attaching a picture here so that you can easily find and also don't forget to give my question's answer.
  3. In simulation run queue, the residual plot shows a constant trend of graph like the image given below throughout the whole simulation time. Is this okay?
  4. I have calibrated my model with manning's co-efficient. But, I am not satisfied with the results fine-tuning with n value. Now, I want to use eddy viscosity and manning's n as calibrating parameters. But, I can't find the location for the eddy viscosity tab. If anyone helps me by providing an effective reply, that would be very helpful. If any other calibrating parameters can be used in the SMS interface, please tell me.
  5. Can I determine slope of river using SMS interface?
  6. Try limiting the minimum interpolation value to zero. For this, you have to go interpolation dialogue and then select truncate values and set the minimum value to zero. Hope, this helps.
  7. In following picture, what does "x origin" value actually mean for observation profile in observation coverage attribute?
  8. Problem is solved. A newer version fixes the problem.
  9. Hi, I am trying to do sediment modelling with SMS 12.3.4. Model is executed with exit code 0. But, I couldn't find any time series window after simulation. In the project explorer, there are a series of output of SRH 2D but they don't show any result. While running, quick_win window shows very little progress. What may be the problem and solution? An image of quick_win window just before the completion of simulation, is attached herewith.
  10. Actually, I want to draw domain coverage like the picture attached below. But, feature arc can be drawn only on plan view. So, I am trying to interpolate elevations from scatter sets to nodes and vertices. Without any feature object present in active coverage, "interpolate to map option" doesn't work. If you have any idea on drawing such type of feature arc, share with me.
  11. Hi, I want to interpolate elevations from the active scatter set to the nodes and vertices of arcs. But, when I turn on scatter module, interpolate to map from scatter option doesn't work. It seems dim. How can I perform this ?
  12. Hi, I am getting the following error message while performing sediment transport simulation. Is there any solution to this problem?
  13. Thanks for your reply. Actually, I mean that I am using SMS for numerical modeling as It comes with SRH-2D which is the solver. Full sediment transport capabilities are supported in SMS from the release of SMS 12.2. You can check it here. https://www.xmswiki.com/wiki/SMS:What's_New_in_SMS_12.2#SRH-2D
  14. Hi, I am using SMS 12.3.4. My thesis is related to hydrodynamic modeling with bank erosion along a river. By going through several papers, I came to know that SRH-2D had included bank erosion module. I want to use this module, but I can't find any guideline in internet that how I can use this module if I use SMS for numerical modeling. It would be very helpful for me if someone give me some guideline or step-wise direction on how to use bank retreat module of SRH-2D along with SMS. Thanking you, Shahidul Islam.
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