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  1. While doing work with SMS, click save after completing each task. This will help you in reducing your waste of time.
  2. I am getting the following message continuously, when I launch SRH 2D simulation. Please anyone help me to get out of this.
  3. You are right, carry. The error ruined my whole simulation. I had to prepare it from beginning. Such a bad experience with SMS.
  4. I want to plot cross section with scatter data. Is there any way to do that using SMS?
  5. When I try to save my project, the following error message comes. What should I do? XMDF errors: #000: src\H5F.c line 1235 in H5F_open(): unable to truncate a file which is already open major(201326595): File accessability minor(201326676): Unable to open file #001: src\H5F.c line 1479 in H5Fcreate(): unable to create file major(201326595): File accessability minor(201326676): Unable to open file
  6. If I want to change the value with time and don't want to slope down that lead to a constant plot, what should I do?
  7. Thanks. I also thought so. The value for eddy viscosity, automatically given is 0.7. But, it can be changed up to 1. Can I use initial condition as calibrating parameter?
  8. I am using 13.0.14. This is the latest until now. I am attaching a picture here so that you can easily find and also don't forget to give my question's answer.
  9. In simulation run queue, the residual plot shows a constant trend of graph like the image given below throughout the whole simulation time. Is this okay?
  10. I have calibrated my model with manning's co-efficient. But, I am not satisfied with the results fine-tuning with n value. Now, I want to use eddy viscosity and manning's n as calibrating parameters. But, I can't find the location for the eddy viscosity tab. If anyone helps me by providing an effective reply, that would be very helpful. If any other calibrating parameters can be used in the SMS interface, please tell me.
  11. Can I determine slope of river using SMS interface?
  12. Try limiting the minimum interpolation value to zero. For this, you have to go interpolation dialogue and then select truncate values and set the minimum value to zero. Hope, this helps.
  13. In following picture, what does "x origin" value actually mean for observation profile in observation coverage attribute?
  14. Problem is solved. A newer version fixes the problem.
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