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  1. Is there a way to copy also the ID's from nodes, arcs, .. in the attribute table? I would like to have a file with my (arc) node ID's and their x and y coordinates. Greetings, Jef
  2. Hi Sylvain, Alan, I also have >100 recharge rasters for different stress periods that I would like to import in my MODFLOW model. The recharge raster grid is identical to my MODFLOW grid. Sylvain, would it be possible to give some insight in your R code to directly write the data to the MODFLOW GMS hdf5 file? I managed to read my current recharge in the .h5 file using the package you mentioned but I don't know how to correctly write new recharge values for multiple stress periods to the .h5 file? I have my recharge rasters ready as R data frames. Alan, is this new feature already available in version 10.3.6?
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