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  1. I'm having trouble understanding the results of my long-term simulation. When I look in the summary file, there is a significant volume of "Total downward flux from unsaturated zone" (which is equal to "volume of groundwater recharge"). However, the infiltrated depth according to the grid output file says that the maximum depth of infiltration is only 0.4 meters (which is less than my Soil Moisture Depth of 1 meter). I thought that the Soil Moisture Depth parameter for long-term Green & Amt with Redistribution defined the depth of the unsaturated zone. But that doesn't jibe with the a
  2. I'm attempting to model a small basin (~0.2 sq mi) using a long-term simulation. I can get the model to run without errors or warnings, but some of the model results are counter-intuitive. So I'd like to verify if I've set up my model correctly and throw out a couple concerns/questions that some of you might be able to help me out with. Some quick background about my model setup: I'm using a single rain gauge located very near the basin boundary, defined using a .gag file with hourly data for the duration of November 2009. I've compiled WES format hydrometeorological data file that also g
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