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  1. Hi, Could someone please tell me how to save the animation created for displaying a simulation (Display-Animate) for future uses? I am using GMS 10.3.2 Many Thanks!
  2. Kanchana


    Many Thanks Michal, It worked fine with smaller time steps and after I increase the grid resolution.
  3. Kanchana


    Hi Michal, Yes it runs OK only as conservative transport.
  4. Kanchana


    Hi Michal, Many Thanks for the comment. I tried increasing Max.Trans.steps as you mentioned, but still the same error pops up. Can this be a problem related to the edited source code in user defined modules?
  5. Kanchana


    Hi, I am trying to develop a RT3D user defined module. Following the instructions given in the tutorials, I developed a dll file and, batchrxn ran successfully. After that, when running the new RT3D simulation, it gives an error message "Number of Transport steps exceeds specified maximum (MXSTRN) = 1000", and the program terminated. But I defined only 1 stress period (75 days long) with only 75 time steps (Images attached). Could anyone please help me with this? Many Thanks Subhani
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