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  1. Hi Alan, thanks for replying, I do not know why I was running the model with mf2k5, that was my mistake. The model is functioning with mf-nwt. The core of my problem is that I am attempting the utilise the Stream Flow Transport (SFT) and the LaKe Transport (LKT) packages released alongside MT3D-USGS. I am currently running MT3D-USGS externally (with all of the associated problems) with modflow files exported from GMS, but it would be much easier for me if it somehow was possible to utilise the SFT and LKT packages directly in GMS. I belive that this is currently not possible, is that correct? - Niklas
  2. Hi Community, I am trying to run MT3D-USGS in a model which contains plenty of dry cells computed by mf2k5, but MT3D-USGS chrashes. The .out file reports that plenty of cells have "saturated thickness =0.0000" (i.e. they are dry), "not allowed in transport model" and furthers says "reset as incative". I have attempted to set some of the dry cells as inactive, but those cell still show up as erroneous in the output file. What am I missing, or what can I do to make MT3D-USGS work? - Niklas
  3. Hi Khaled, thanks for input, Altering the cell bottoms is unfeasible due to the number and size of the errors; It would compromise the geology of the model too much. I am still wondering if there is a way to force MF2K5 to "ignore" the errors like MF2K apparently can.
  4. Hello, I have inherited a MODFLOW-model, with a complex stream network defined with the SFR2 package. The model checker reports that many of the stream segments have the error "ELEVUP or ELEVDN is below a cell bottom elevation...". The original MODFLOW model uses MODFLOW 2000, which reported the error, but would run regardless. However, when the version is changed to MODFLOW 2005, the model terminates with error due to "reach altitude error" (as written in the .out file). It is important that the model can run with MODFLOW 2005. Is there a way I can force MODFLOW 2005 to run the model despite the reach altitude errors, (like MODFLOW 2000 apparently can), or do I need to change the stream elevations? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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