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  1. Hi All, I was wondering if there was a way to remove the drain observations from being exported along with the desired transient observation points. The drain coverage isn't set up as an observation as is. Thanks a lot Carrie
  2. Hi All, First time posting. I am having trouble getting my transient MT3DMS model to run from a steady state MODFLOW solution. This is my first time using MT3D, so I may be missing something fairly obvious, but I can't seem to pin down the problem. The only clue I have is an error at the end of my .out MT3D file that states the THKSAT flow terms read unformatted on unit 10. If that is not enough information, please refer to my model notes below or the attached .out file. Thanks for your time, Carrie The model is set up as follows: MODFLOW: No troubles with convergence in steady state or transient runs (anymore lol) 8 layers, all confined; HUF Package tops and thicknesses via input table; Drains via point polygons; Recharge via input table; GHB on the top layers; No-flow on the sides and bottom. MTDMS: Basic, Advection, Dispersion, and SSM packages; 1 species (named 1374 in Basic Package and Conceptual Model interfaces; starting concentration = 100 (mg/L)); Stress Periods: length (4675200000 days - length of transient simulations), Num time steps (1), Steady State (checked), Trans. step size (0), Max trans step size (1000), Trans step multiplier (1.03), Max trans. step size (7305 days - minimum step size in transient simulations) Output control: Print/save at specified interval (25) - have also tried (1), and the Print/save at end of simulation only Porosity = 0.3 via Basic Transport Package interface Constant concentration area specified in Conceptual Model via polygon (Specified concentration, 100 mg/L); defined throughout in all 8 layers (layer range) ICBUND: defined via mapping polygon to MT3D, area of polygon = 1 When I run MTDMS I get the following error message in the MT3DMS window: STRESS PERIOD NO. 1 TIME STEP NO. 1 FROM TIME = 0.0000 TO 0.46800E+10 Executable crashed! MT3DMS finished. The .out file is consistent with the input parameters above, and at the bottom reads: TIME STEP NO. 001 FROM TIME = 0.0000 TO 0.46800E+10 "THKSAT" FLOW TERMS FOR TIME STEP 1, STRESS PERIOD 1 READ UNFORMATTED ON UNIT 10 SS_HUC10_MT3D.txt
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