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  1. Hello, I got the same error for RT3D, and it said all the species data are removed (instead of head in your case). In my case, I had a zero in denominator of my reaction file (rxns.dll). As soon as I added a constant to the denominator, the error disappeared. Hope this helps, Somayeh
  2. I would like to save depth profiles of concentration over time. I change the SAVUCN to T. And to make strip form I turn the IFMTCN to -1 in the .btn file. But the output files (saved as .OBS) are still in the wrap form. I have also attached the image of a section of .btn file which helps to define observation points and saving format. Any help is greatly appreciated. Somayeh
  3. I am trying to work with RT3D using a rnxs.dll file as a user-defined reaction function and it works fine. My systems of reactions are so stiff and I would like to define a jacobian function that works along with it. I follow the same steps of making and compiling the rxns.dll for jacrxns.dll file. But the result that I get by Isolver=2 (gear with explicit jacobian) is different from Isolver=1 (general gear solver). I would like to know if the jacrxns.dll file should be compiled separately from rxns.dll or not? If yes, should they be somehow linked together? Or there is no need for t
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