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  1. Hello, I got the same error for RT3D, and it said all the species data are removed (instead of head in your case). In my case, I had a zero in denominator of my reaction file (rxns.dll). As soon as I added a constant to the denominator, the error disappeared. Hope this helps, Somayeh
  2. I would like to save depth profiles of concentration over time. I change the SAVUCN to T. And to make strip form I turn the IFMTCN to -1 in the .btn file. But the output files (saved as .OBS) are still in the wrap form. I have also attached the image of a section of .btn file which helps to define observation points and saving format. Any help is greatly appreciated. Somayeh
  3. I am trying to work with RT3D using a rnxs.dll file as a user-defined reaction function and it works fine. My systems of reactions are so stiff and I would like to define a jacobian function that works along with it. I follow the same steps of making and compiling the rxns.dll for jacrxns.dll file. But the result that I get by Isolver=2 (gear with explicit jacobian) is different from Isolver=1 (general gear solver). I would like to know if the jacrxns.dll file should be compiled separately from rxns.dll or not? If yes, should they be somehow linked together? Or there is no need for that? Any comment on this topic is greatly appreciated. Somayeh
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