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  1. Hilaa

    Stream Package

    Sean, Thanks for your reply. The direction arrows are all correct. I guess it is a problem of elevations. The natural slopes in my model area are very gentle. Do you define the stream nodes top elevation as the top of the the grid cell ? and the bottom elevation of the stream ? Hila
  2. Hilaa

    Stream Package

    Hi all, I'm using stream package for the first time, and the simulation is repeatedly crashing because stream slope is negative. Although al elevations (top and bottom) in the map module are decreasing steadily, The STR Modflow package I see that elevations of several cells are somehow calculated as increasing, and the slope becomes negative - see example below. How can I fix it ? Thanks, Hila
  3. Hi all, I Created a US Grid for a former MODFLOW 2005 model. When trying to run the model the executable crashed and the error message is *.hed file formatted incorrectly. When I look at the hed file, it is empty (0 KB). checking the simulation before running results with no errors. Any suggestions ? Thanks, Hila
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