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  1. Hello, I am facing the same issue. Can you tell me how you have solved this?
  2. Hello, Could anyone help m regarding this issue? I set up a model in MODFLOW to understand the lake-aquifer interaction. Now I am trying to incorporate the LAK3 package there. I followed the Aquaveo Lake package tutorial and did everything accordingly. However, whenever I am mapping it to MODFLOW all the layer elevations are changing. Here I have attached two pictures about how my model was looking previously and how it changed after using the lake package. Thanks Bidisha
  3. Hello, I need a help. I have set up a MODFLOW model (attached). The simulation gives correct head change condition. Now I am trying to set up an MT3DMS model. I am providing a constant concentration of 3 mg/l in the specified head cell. I have a well in the package. However, it is not acting as source/sink. I am trying to set an areal source-sink and giving a low areal recharge as not more contaminant add by recharge. However, the contaminant is not moving and its giving 0 concentration overall. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Do I need to provide recharge as the same as constant concentration? Thank you
  4. I have set the boundary condition as no flow on three sides. I am confused if the problem is due to boundary condition or starting head. And also I had another question is in 3D grid how do you assign gradual top elevation change from 50m to 20 m?
  5. Hey, I have been stuck on the problem for several days and If anyone of you can help me I will really appreciate it. I was creating a model where top elevation changes from 50m to 20m and bottom elevation is 0 m. The starting head is 20m. The only input is recharge (almost 1000 mm/yr). However, when I am running the model the cell goes dry. Could any of you possibly tell what is the reason for that?
  6. Hello all, I am new to MODFLOW. I tried to set up the MODFLOW to measure the change of drawdown with time using the 3d grid. I am including the values I used here: X dimension: 1000m Y dimension :1000m rows columns: 10,10 recharge:0.0027m/day pumping 240 m3/day horizontal K 10m/day I set left and right column as constant head setting ibound<0. Here I have attached the screenshot of head change and drawdown. So, I have 2 questions: 1.The drawdown seems a bit off, can u tell the possible reason for it? 2.If I want to set the bottom cell as no flow boundary would I have to make the cells inactive? [I have tried to set up the conceptual model and adapt it to the grid as well however sometimes it's not showing the boundary condition correctly. That's why I tried 3D grid] Please if anyone of you could solve the problem, it would be a great help. Thanks
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