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  1. Thanks again Cody for answering so fast! After a lot of try and error i found the problem. I had voids in my mesh for houses and pillars. As soon as i filled them it worked out fine.
  2. Hey Cody. Thanks for your fast reply. After switching Mesh as you suggested i could link the mesh. But when i start to "launch HEC-RAS" the translation starts and can´t finish it. I waited quit a while. My mesh contains 28629 nodes and 41048 elements. Is there a problem with the size of my mesh?
  3. Hello, I am working with SMS Version 12.2 and try to import my created mesh into HEC-RAS. I already read the providet tutorial and everything workt out fine. But when i try the same with my own mesh I am not able to link the mesh with the HEC-RAS simulation ( Step 3.4 in the Tutorial). It used to be an easy step but I can´t find a solution for this problem. Any suggestions?
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