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  1. I'm trying to bring in field survey data into WMS, but am having trouble getting it to appear correctly. The *.csv has northings, eastings, z's and I can group them generally in the section groups. Do I need to determine "D" outside of WMS?
  2. Chris, Thanks for the quick reply. Is this something that would be fairly easy to implement in a future update? At least automation of filtering sections down to eight points and creating a MC 8pt Xsect for importing to a HEC-HMS model? I would imagine that associating the section with the overlapping basin coverage should be fairly simple (assuming it doesn't cross the perimeter of the basin polygon and that there's only one section per basin/routing reach). Thanks again, Joe
  3. Is there anyway to extract from WMS information such as Modified Puls' Storage-Outflow curve or Muskingum-Cunge's 8pt Xsect? I've tried importing from a 1D-Hyd Cross Section Database, but it doesn't appear to work. This would seem like a fairly normal data development need, but I can't find anything leading me to how to do it here in the forums, in the wiki, or in the tutorials I've downloaded. Thanks in advance for your help! Joe
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