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  1. That worked! Something else that I learned from DHendon is that you can press Ctrl before selecting points to draw a polygon around the points you want to select. Holding down Ctrl when selecting triangles allows you to draw a line through the triangles yo uwant to select
  2. I have a scatterset that includes a roadway embankment, but I need the roadway embankment to be removed to model unconstricted conditions. To do this, I deleted the triangles forming the embankment (shown below) then from the Triangulate tab, clicked "Triangulate". Every time I do that, the deleted triangles show back up and I've got an embankment again. Any suggestions?
  3. Do you all create a different materials coverage for each model scenario (unconstricted, existing, proposed alt 1, proposed alt 2, etc.) or do you create one materials coverage and use it for each run?
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