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  1. Dear Khaled, thanks a lot for the detailed description. I understand your precedure and will follow the 23 steps. Unfortunately I have no access to ArcGIS and therefore Arc Hydro Groundwater is not an option for me (or does it work with QGIS?). Nevertheless - maybe as a remark for GMS developers - I would wish/recommend to create an export option (polygon shape) for fringes within GMS as it is available for contour lines already. Anyway, thanks once more! Greetings from Amman Mark
  2. one more question: when exporting the grid including e.g. drawdown as polygon shape file, the spatial relations are somewhat lost. Can I correct this (how?) or is it a bug? Any easy way to export polygon/block fill from GMS to GIS (as for line-shapes)? Or do I still not understand the right way to do it? Screenshot from GMS: after import to QGIS:
  3. Thanks, Alan. I suspect there is a bug in GMS 10.3.6: When exporting via right-click-GRID in project window, attributes are not exported, when using "selected datasets" (see images). It does work with the option "Active datasets".
  4. Hello, is it possible to export results (heads, drawdown, ...) displayed as color-fill or block-fill as polygon shape files? Via GRID/Layer contours ->Shapefile one can export the contours as a lineshape. But how to export as polygons? Am using version 10.3 Mark
  5. Hi, when converting a steady state model to transient I initialize the stress periods and import transient boundary conditions via MAP to MODFLOW. This seems to work. But for Recharge the following error occurs when looking at RCH or RCH rate: Within the properties of RCH rate all stress periods seem to be in the right format (identical to what has been defined under "Global options - stress periods" and same as for other boundary conditions like transient pumping rates e.g.). Can you help? Am using version 10.3 Mark
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