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  1. hi ayman you can search in similar topics and download a patch to solve this problem. but i dont know why aquaveo deleted this patch from host .
  2. Hi , I cant locate annotations( ID or basin name ) on my Basin 's map ( kmz or cad ) someone can help me ? regards
  3. NYtimes say's : Hurricane Harvey may inflict as much as $30 billion in damages on homeowners, according to preliminary estimates. But only 40 percent of that total may be covered by insurance — and of that, the federal government will bear the biggest liability.

  4. How can we verify the wms models? We couldn't model the parking lot and open book experimental model with WMS for its verification. 1)Anybody can help us to model these Geometries as watershed? 2)How can we verify the software? Have you any idea about this?
  5. SWMM manual say's that: An idealized sub catchment is conceptualized as a rectangular surface that has a uniform slope and a width W that drains to a single outlet channel.Each sub catchment can be further divided into three sub areas: an impervious area with depression (detention) storage, an impervious area without depression storage and a pervious area with depression storage. Only the latter area allows for rainfall losses due to infiltration into the soil. SWMM claims that visualize the sub-basin as v-shape basin but can't model an idealized sub-basin simply. I am searching a method to define an idealized sub-basin. I will find it ... I know. Regards
  6. I should be using a lateral inflow in a channel routing in HEC-HMS. I applied two planes as my sub-basins and defined a sub-collector.The outflow from the planes is applied to the sub-collector as lateral inflow. until now everything is ok .but HEC-HMS has no routing method parameter for sub-collector. manual says that the surface runoff on the two planes is ALWAYS routed using the kinematic wave method.however, we have the choice of using another method.still, I have no problem.my problem is beginning from this point that I have to fill the information about collector and channel. my model has not any channel or collector. Best Regards,
  7. I think so .we can't create an SWMM model without links and nodes.both of them is necessary. Regards,
  8. Thank Chris, I was trying WMS to modeling an Idealized watershed in last week. I found out many points and your helping was relatively successful. but I still could not model it. because is very simple and tiny and sensitively. i'm here to continue and try more and more. thank a lot, Best Regards,
  9. we should add an option to adding and Editing the fields in coverages .until now we were very dependent to Arc GIS to create shape files and define any field to coverage. we should remove 'Add shape files' from WMS modeling processes. this is an unnecessary step in modeling. Any type of coverage has a specific field related to it .we should add fields related to coverage when a coverage has created.
  10. By Rational Method we can build hydrologic Basin and compute subbasin flow as well SWMM can run the flow through the Storm Drain and watch the routing in channels . 1) can we route channel inside a Basin? 2) can we use Rational Method without define outlet point(point) ? can we identify the channel ( Arc ) as output of basin ?
  11. I looked on tutorials and have created my simple Experimental Watershed as well as demonstrated in Attach file moreover I defined a TIN with XYZ survey point and triangulate it. But the message in the result shows that I need a DEM to generate max flow. Is this message a default Error ?Can I ignore this message and go on?
  12. Flood Control is the technique or practice of preventing or controlling floods with dams, artificial channels,LID metods , etc (Best Perfomance Drainage )

  13. Thanks Chris , your answers was helpful In the" WMS Tutorial> Storm Drain Modeling-SWMM modeling " assumed that the TC values have already been calculated for this exercise . Do you know TC calculated with which formula ? Kerpich or Kerby or any other formula ! what TC computation formula is appropriate for Rational method ? Best Regards ,
  14. How Can we Install a Model Of Exprimental Watershed system in WMS generally? in Tutorials we must import a TIN Map in the beginning . Can I simulate without TIN MAP and import elevation manually? How can we Repeat continuous The Run of Model and export the Results neat ? Can We Programming in WMS enviroment with C# and circulate model in a loop ? BEST REGARDS,
  15. Rearrenge the Name of all Basins when we Delete some unwanted Basin . Road Construction Models Have many Basins who would be difficult to EDIT one by one َ Also Outputs Could be in SpreadSheet format as well as EXCEL Format .
  16. Hello everybody, I am a newcomer to the WMS family. These are my first questions: 1) Why HEC -1 & GSSHA have weighting gauge rainfall, but other hydrological models do not have such an option 2) when we add precipitation gauges to our model in order to create Thiessen polygons, we can only enter a single storm depth while we can have more than one gauge in our model with different storm depths. How can we add each relative storm depth for its gauge? Best Regards,
  17. When the water rotates in its natural cycle, we will not have the power of nature

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