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  1. Why does SMS use both Arc IDs and Arc Names? When you are plotting observation lines you have to know the "Arc Name", but you only have the option of displaying "Arc ID" in the Display Options window. This can lead to confusion when Arc IDs and Names get out of sync when merging coverages. In my current project I have Arc ID 1 through Arc ID 703 and Arc Name 710 through Arc Name 1412. If someone could highlight the advantage of having two ways to reference the same arc, that would be great. Or perhaps the Display Options could be updated to include the Arc Name. Thanks!
  2. The ability for SMS to calculate Min, Max and Avg values for scattersets and mesh data is great, expecially the ability to indicate "Full cross-section" or "Main channel only". It would be even better if the "Full cross-section/Main channel only" feature extended into the Advanced Calculations area. Calculating the discharge or width of just the main channel is commonly desired and very valuable. Thanks!
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