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  1. Hi Chris. I am using the version 4.2 >>> Send an email to or call Aquaveo Tech support I sure will but before I do: do they help with HMS? Thanks for the style sheet, I will definitely read into them. BTW, what is Snyder transform exactly? Is it just the Snyder Unit Hydrograph for the Transform Method. I will hang in there and keep cracking this thing lol. Appreciate your time and effort.
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. >> I am certainly not an expert on the Kinematic wave method implemented in HMS. Me neither. First time doing this and apparently need more knowledge and digging up in the User Guide. But I have gone through it several times and still couldn't find out where I could have done wrong. >> increase the number of subreaches on your kinematic wave channels and/or on the overland flow plane. I changed the Subreaches # of Reaches from 5 to 50. The warning messages persist and the results didn't change too much. Couldn't seem to find S
  3. Hi, First I want to thank you for your time in advance. Any advice on this will be appreciated as I have been stuck on this problem for weeks now. Here is the situation: I created this basin model with 101 sub-basins and 100 reaches. Pic attached: "Basin Model" (there is something wrong with the upload, I changed it to URL) I am using one plane approach. No collector and subcollector channel information. For the sub-basins, I use "SCS Curve Number" as Loss Method and "Kinematic Wave" as Transform Method; for the reaches, I use "Muskingum" Routing Method. As show in the att
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