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  1. I solved the problem adopting the Van Genuchten Curves for the unsaturated soil properties instead the linear front mode I had initially inserted (thinking to simplify my simulation!). Thank you Woodward for your help! Regards to all Maria
  2. Thank you very much for your answer and your offer. Unfortunately my files exceed 2MB, so I can't send them to you. Is there another way to send you the files? Regards Maria
  3. Thank you very much for your answer. I have checked and the numerical process is converging! I tried to change the Run option and the iteration parameters, I also converted the heterogeneous materials in homogeneous ones: the heads remain as in the initial condition with the exception of the side where the transient boundary conditions are applied. Any ideas? Regards Maria
  4. Hi, I'm working with a 3D model for flow only simulation with FEMWATER. I have fixed head bc on a side and transient head bc on the opposite side; saturated conditions in all the field. The change in head of the boundary condition doesn't affect the flow in the rest of the model; it seems that the boundary is not connected to the rest of the model! The compressibility of the water is put to zero, then the change in head have to be instantaneously transmitted to the model. The steady flow simulation works well. Did this problem occurred to anyone? Thank you for your attention
  5. Hi, I'm working with a 3D mesh for a FEMWATER simulation and I would like to evaluate the effect to insert an hydraulic barrier in the model. I have a list of (say) 6 materials, but the mesh uses only 5 real materials. If I try to change the material of an element and I want to convert in the one not yet used in the mesh (the barrier), the GMS crashes. Is there the possibility to workaround the inconvenience? Thank you
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