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  1. Hi, I'm having some problems tracking particles in a USG groundwater model, because the particles stops in the edge of the cell and don't continue. Checking de mod-PATH3DU.exe file, the version in GMS is 1.0.6, but the latest one is 1.1.1. And if i replace it, GMS stop working and the sorfware close. What can i do? Another problem is with display options, because i tried to activate label in contour options (Ugrid), but it doesn't appear in the model, so maybe is a bug of GMS Thanks, Bastian
  2. I've upgraded to 10.2.3 and it works. Thanks.
  3. I've founded the solution. You must download the last version of PEST Groundwater Support Software (http://www.pesthomepage.org/), and replace the file usgmod2obs1.exe in GMS\models\pest
  4. Hi. I'm trying to calibrate a USG groundwater model, but in my observation points (after run MODFLOW), the values of computed head is 0. why can happen that? Thank you, Bastián.
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