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  1. When we updated to SMS 12.2, we are having serious problems with the main window display. After a few clicks, the main display window goes blank. So although the data is still there, you can't see it (or do anything to edit it). We have tried updating the refresh rate, we've updated all of our video drivers, and a few other solutions. Aquaveo is working on the problem, but they are reproduce it. Has anyone else had similar issues?
  2. I'm running 12.1.2. The sof file was created when I launched SRH from inside of SMS. What is even more strange, is that I ran this model on Friday, and it worked. I made some changes to my mesh, regenerated the mesh, and then tried to run it again - with the same BC coverage. Maybe this particular model is getting hung-up somehow? Attached is the sof file from the recent run(s), and the one from this weekend that ran successfully. I did send an email to support with this info as well. Thanks! 100yr_SOF.dat 100_SOF - Copy.dat
  3. I reviewed the sof.dat file, and it just ends after running through the manning's n file, right when it should be reading the boundary condition info. I have tried relinking, recreating, etc the boundary conditions (multiple times), but I keep getting this error message. It is like it can't "find" the boundary conditions. Should you need to recreate the BC coverage every time?
  4. I went back to a model that I hadn't worked on in 9 months or so. Everything seems to be set-up ok (bc reasonable, mesh, etc), but I keep getting the run error message that the srh_pre-v30.....exe file is unknown (see attached screen shot). Which I thought might mean the program can't find the executable. But when I go to preferences, it is pointing to the right folder and executable. Is running from a previous version a problem? Thoughts?
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