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  1. For structured grids, GMS seems to be set up to refine the grid on the basis of points, but there seems to be no option to refine the grid over a specified area by using a polygon. This option is available for unstructured grids but not for structured grids. Why is this? Or did I not find the method to do this?
  2. The material polygons in the cross section editor should match how the materials were mapped at the land surface (e.g., a published geologic map). In geological terms, these are called "outcrops." I would like to be able to import a shapefile showing a map of these outcrops at the land surface and then display these different materials along the top arc of the cross section. This would guide the manual editing of arcs that intersect the land surface, because you need to know where these arcs should intersect the land surface. Arc Hydro Groundwater does this very well, so why is this not available in GMS? The attached file shows how this looks in Arc Hydro Groundwater.
  3. In the cross-section editor, I'd like to create an interior polygon that is not attached to a borehole (i.e., a lens). Next, there would have to be a way to specify the material for that polygon. Currently, the only way to create this lens is to add a dummy borehole to define the lens, but this is a cumbersome way to do it.
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