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  1. There is a 3D Grid with Modflow. The three layers are flat. The Top Elevation is 600m. When I change any cell elevation from 600m to 800m , the cell faces are not the same at corner and at midlle. Also, the shapes of the cells are not the same in Ortho Model and not in Ortho Model. Change the cell elevation from 600m to 800m. Not in Ortho Mode. The three elevations are not the same. In Ortho Mode, in the midlle cell ,the elevation in the top point is 800m. The lower point is 650m. I donn't know why.
  2. We can select Color and Pattern in GMS Materials. But in Pattern Properties dialog, there are only 23 patterns. I think they are not enough .Can I add another pattern?
  3. I convert the solid in GMS to CAD using Convert TO CAD. Then the cad objects are 3d faces. But when I open it ,and use CAD to solids, it failed!
  4. There is a tutorial in Rasters about using rasters for interpolation and visuallization in GMS. There is an example in page 11 of 12 about Interpolate to MODFLOW Layers. I open the file in Tutorials\GIS\Rasters\point.gpr. When I select all the rasters in the Project Explorer and Interpolate to MODFLOW Layers, the MODFLOW layers elevations have some problems. If I convert all rasters to 2D Scatters ,then interpolate the 2D Scatters to MODFLOW Layers, there is no problen about the MODFLOW Layers.
  5. When I open a three-dimensions cad object in GMS, for example a cube, I cann't convert the cad object to feature objects or to Tin or to Solids. It seems only the two-dimenssion object can be converted. Also,the CAD to Solids cann't do anything. If only the two-dimenssion object can be used ,what the 'CAD to Solis' can be done?
  6. When I change the names of Materials by Chinese, I cann't see the Chinese name. Where can I change the font?
  7. There is a problem about Cross Section Editor .When I use 'Creat Arc' in a Cross Section Editor, I can't see my arc I just creat, except I open Cross Section Editor again.
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