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  1. Hello I used femwater to simulate a transient practical case, and I want to know the water balance of groundwater system in an average condition. I summed up flux of upstream nodes and downstream nodes and averaged them. The water balance error seems to be between 20%~50%. I think it's good enough, but is this method correct? Does a node in transient calculate the flux twice? Thank you!
  2. Hello, I use the GMS8.2 version to simulate flow only. I find the "effective porosity" in the Materials settings, but it's "total porosity" in the FEMwater manual(P48) MP2 . I think the manual is correct. If it's true, Is the data of total porosity same as the saturated moisture content in Unsat. Curves? and should I set the "effective porosity ratio" in flow simulation? Thanks for any suggestion !
  3. Hi,Simon Thanks for your reply and advice.
  4. Hi everyone, I have two questions in FEMWATER. First, I simulate a practical river problem in detail, so I need to set the ”hydraulic conductivity of the river bottom sediment layer”. It is written in code (the ” River boundary conditions”), but I can’t find it in FEMWATER. Does anyone know why it doesn’t display? Now, I change the soil material properties of elements to simulate river bottom sediment layer, but I think it isn’t good enough. River boundary conditions in FEMWATER Manual p.97&98. Second, I practiced the FEMWATER- Flow Model provided by GMS10.1 Tutorial. “Defining the Material Properties” in p.18, the point 5: Enter “1.8” for Max. height above water table. I think the meaning is “minimum pressure head” in solution. But in fig.11 it reaches about “-40”, so I think it has to enter the bigger number to satisfy the model. Is it right or wrong? Thanks.
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