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  1. Hi Saubhagya, I just came across this post today. I was able to contact a GMS developer and GMS does not currently have any plans to support GSFLOW. It seems to be the same thing for INFIL3.0 just FYI. I have submitted a feature request to GMS developers, though both are unlikely to be supported within the next year. Regards, Dillon
  2. Sometimes one can run SEAWAT when the Variable-Density Flow VDF package is disabled, which shows the issue is caused by the values entered there. Check the example VDF dialog values in the Conceptual Model Approach tutorial and check out the VDF wiki page. You may also see the SEAWAT wiki page here. Here's the tutorial PDF and Zip folder of project files. Additionally you want to check out the MT3DMS | Basic Transport Package | Starting Concentrations Per Cell Array window starting concentrations and make sure they're not too high. Conceptual Model Approach
  3. Hi Haley, On the first page of every tutorial there's a list of components that are required to complete all the steps in the tutorial. Check that you have those components enabled by going to Help | Register to see a list the components your license has. If you would like to enable a component that is not enabled you can email sales@aquaveo.com with your license information to receive a quote on how much it would be to add that component to your license. Hopefully, that helps!
  4. Dillon

    CFP package

    Hi Kryah, I found the executable at C:\Program Files\GMS 10.1 64-bit\models\mf-cfp_h5.exe. It installs automatically with GMS. You'll be able to modify the .NAM file to reference the CFP package using the Name File Dialog. As mentioned here "For any package not currently supported in GMS, the file associated with that package will be ignored when the model is imported. However, GMS keeps track of unsupported packages it encounters when reading the name file and, when the project is saved, GMS lists the unsupported packages in the name file and copies the unsupported package files from the old directory to the new directory." Once you've referenced the CFP file you should be able to run the MODFLOW simulation.
  5. Hi Jonas, Those four error messages after closing the SEAWAT model wrapper occur because the "Read solution on exit' option is checked and the solutions GMS tried to read in were invalid because there were issues in the SEAWAT run. AS for the .OUT file message that says " CANNOT SPECIFY MORE THAN NSS [Number of Stream Segments] STREAM SEGMENTS" meaning it cannot identify more than 20 stream segments or whatever NSS number was given. "NSS An integer value equal to the number of stream segments (consisting of one or more reaches) that are used to define the complete stream network. The value of NSS represents the number of segments that must be defined through a combination of parameters and variables". There must be some stream segment somewhere that's not meeting specifications for use in SEAWAT so SEAWAT says there's too many stream segments, perhaps? I would check your stream arcs again to make sure there's not any irregularities like a little segment somewhere. It sounds like MODFLOW is outputting a file that SEAWAT can't process and it has to do with the NSS value.
  6. Hi Satish, This is an issue I've seen when trying to use an old version of GMS with incompatible newer operating systems. As this page says, GMS only began supporting Windows 7 starting with GMS 7.0. So you can either switch to a computer with an older operating system or update your license to run a new version of GMS by contacting sales@aquaveo.com. Good luck!
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