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  1. Hi, When I try to add particles using MODPATH to any model, GMS crashes without any warning or error message. I've tried with several different models, both complex and simple (all in SS), but nothing seems to work. Any idea what is causing this or how I should proceed to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the replay. I'm using GMS, however I'm not familiar with MODFLOW-USG. Is it alot different from regular MODFLOW? How difficult would you say it is to learn (maybe hard to answere?)? Also, would you care to explain why cells become dry when the layers are steep? Is it because of a high hydraulic gradient between cells? I would love to see some studies and or litterature addressing this issue, if you have some. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm having some difficulties with my current model and would love som help/feedback. I'm currently doing a SS model of a mountain terrain. The model is constructed with 10x10 m cells and 1 layer where the topography is from a 1x1m DEM and the bedrock (bottom of cells) are interpolated from borehole data. The thickness of the cells are around 10 - 25 m, and the model domain is relatively steep. Boundary conditions are a river (river packaged) and specified flux (calculated through water balance). Water flows to the river. So the problem i'm facing is dry cells. The steep topography and the relatively thin thickness of the aquifer leads to dry cells. However, this is actually not completely wrong as our field measurements show that during some periodes some of our wells are dry. However, MODFLOW don't like this, so I'm having problem constructing my model.. So does anyone have som experience with these kinds of problems, and could spare some time helping me out? Or maybe recommend me som literature/studies? Thanks!
  4. It's actually 4 messages that appear when I close the window: (1) "Error reading M:\pc...model3_sw.hed. File formatted incorrectly" (2) "Premature end of file model3_sw.ccf" (3) Premature end of file model3_sw.ccf2" and (4) "The following data sets were invalid and have been removed from the Project: Salt". I tried comparing the model3_sw.out file with a corresponding file from a SEAWAT-simulation that works (a different model). I can't see any different between the two files (besides the model input values) before the model3_sw.out-file ends with a "CANNOT SPECIFY MORE THAN NSS STREAM SEGMENTS", which is the last sentence in the file. I've tried figuring out what it means, but with no luck. EDIT: I'm using the SFR2 stream packaged in my model if this has anything to say.
  5. I have a working modfow and MT3DMS model of my study area. However, when I try to run seawat the model fails, and I get a "Premature end of file...". It seems that seawat runs, but does not calculate anything. I've attached a figure with prompt window for the seawat solution. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Hi, I get the following message when I try to run SEAWAT: "ERROR: Maximum numer of point sinks/sources exceeded, increase [MXSS] in the SSM file". The proglem seems straightforward, but unfortunately I can't located the SSM file and thereby increase the number of sources/sinks. Any help is much appreciated.
  7. Finally I works. It was the bug that Alan mentioned, with CHD value assigned was 0. I changed it to 1e-10 and now it works. Thanks for the help all!
  8. Thanks for the replay. I also thought that it might be problems with the calibration data, so I tried running a simplified model with only 2 stress periods and 1 observation point which contained observation data that I made up and knew would be +/- 1 m from the final solution. However I still get the same message of "weighted.. residuals: NaN". The parameters values are the same that I found using the steady state model, which runs nicely and gives me an OK fit between computed and observed head values. So I don't think that is the problem. The problem might be with the MODFLOW simulation. After I run MODFLOW, the same message ("Total sum of squared weighted residuals: NaN") appears in the window that pops up. However, the MODFLOW simulation finishes and ends in a proper way, and I'm able to view the solution. I'm grateful for any other inputs on what might be causing this. Jonas
  9. Hi, I've been trying to calibrate my transient model using PEST, however I'm experiencing some difficulties. It executes the estimation process and finishes the parameter estimation but it fail's to give me any new values for the chosen parameters. This only happens when I try to calibrate it as a transient model. When I run it in steady state there are no problems and it estimates new values for my parameters. When I run it as a transient model there is a message in the PSLAVES windows that pops which states that the "Total sum of squared, weighted residuals: NaN", and I think the problems lies here. However I'm not sure how to fix it. If anyone has any idea what's causing this and could help me with a solution I would be very grateful. Jonas
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