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  1. Hello All, I have been trying to run MT3D-USGS with Modflow-NWT. STEADY-STATE Flow and Transient Transport. However, once the run starts the executable crashes. Looking into the OUT file, I concluded that MT3D is missing information from the HFF file (the link file between Modflow and MT3D). The OUT file stops at the following line: "THKSAT " FLOW TERMS FOR TIME STEP 1, STRESS PERIOD 1 READ UNFORMATTED ON UNIT 10 Any one has experienced this issue before?? Thanks Mahmoud
  2. Dear Members, I have never used modflow-usg before. I am wondering if MT3DMS is compatible with the Modflow-USG "Ugrid" flow model and the CLN well package? In other words, if I create a flow model using the UGrid in Modflow-USG and wells using the CLN package, would I be able to simulate solute transport using MT3DMS in GMS? I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Mahmoud
  3. Hi Lalith, Thanks for your useful response. Yes now I can filter the data to extract specific row or column. Cheers Mahmoud
  4. Hello All, I am interested to extract a 2D head solution (for a specific row or column) from a 3D groundwater flow model built with GMS. I am wondering if anyone has experience with this? Is this possible to achieve direct from GMS or do I need a modflow post processor? Thanks Mahmoud
  5. Hi, I am facing a problem with showing a vertical model profile for the head solution. Although head contours in the plan view looks very reasonable across all model layers, vertical profile lines looks strange and non-smooth. For me (I could be wrong), this seems to be a problem with interpolating the simulated heads between the cell and the nodes in Z direction. I have made several trials using the "Cell to Node interpolation" contouring options but never managed to make it look better. The automatic option is the best but I couldn't find how it was done and which interpolation method were used? In this model I am using the Modflow-NWT solver. I hope I can find some help with this. Thanks Mahmoud
  6. Hello all, We do have a license for Modflow-Surfact which I tried to use through GMS by running it as a third-partly executable but with no luck. No outputs were generated. Does any one has experience with running Modflow-Surfact with GMS? Thanks Mahmoud
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