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  1. Yes, its Paving. I just wanted to check and make sure there were no additional parameters that could be used to change the meshing relaxation between arcs or to the overall mesh. It sounds like adding refine points or additional arcs is the sole way to control the change of mesh density.
  2. When using the Map -> 2d mesh, is the only thing controlling the size of the elements the node/vertex distribution on the nodestrings? I'm looking to decrease the density of the mesh in an area, while increasing the density at the outer ring of the area. The nodestring "ring" seems to decrease density near it, but then increase in density inside it again.
  3. Size is the issue. MALLOC is a memory allocation error, generally associated with not enough memory. I would try a subset and see if that imports, then look at the memory usage to get a rough idea. If you import 20 million and SMS is taking 8GB in memory, you'll know theres no way you'll get to 130 without a beast machine. Remember, its trying to triangulate so its going to be much larger in memory than the original text file. If you are not using all the points anyway I would filter or interpolate them to a larger spacing.
  4. Is there a way to get the map module information to display on top of the mesh module? I would like a set of lines to display above my mesh.
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